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Some interesting facts about jeans pants you should know

Some interesting facts about jeans pants you should know

Some interesting facts about jeans pants you should know

Jeans pant is very much liked worldwide and millions of people wear it daily.

But there are some interesting facts about this dress around the world that people do not know about.

Yes, we really see or wear jeans daily, but there are some of its features that most people ignore even.

Little pockets in jeans

Every pant of jeans has a small pocket and it is so small that it feels useless.

But in the 19th century, it was used to keep a pocket watch.

Levi Strauss had added this small pocket to the jeans and was primarily made for the American Cow Boys to make it easier to access the pocket clock while traveling on horses.

Little pockets in jeans

In the present era, no one uses a pocket watch, so what is the purpose of this pocket presence?

In fact, this little pocket is now used to maintain a panted original design, otherwise, it is of no use.

It is possible to keep the coins or keys in this pocket or such small things can be stored in this small pocket, otherwise, it is apparently no point in this pocket.

Buttons around the pocket

These buttons may seem like a source of decoration, but they do a very important job for this dress.

These buttons are called rivets, which aim to protect the pant from exploding, as the use of jeans or the use of pockets increases the likelihood of sewing.

Buttons around the pocket

It is believed that in the 19th century, Levi Strauss added these buttons to jeans.

This increase was made when the miners complained about how soon their pants exploded.

The solution, they pulled out the copper button around the pockets so that the life of the pant could be long.

A piece of leather on the back

There is a small piece of leather on the back of whatever pant of jeans is worn, but do you know what is the reason for applying this leather piece?

A piece of leather on the back of jeans

It is called Jacron and its use began in the late 19th century for jeans.

In this period, the purpose of Jacrons was to stop the fraudsters as counterfeiters used to copy the jeans of well-known companies.

This is why companies started putting small pieces of pure leather on jeans with their names so that consumers can buy real pants.

Pure leather was used because it was not easy for counterfeiters to imitate it.

At the same time, these pieces were used to strengthen the jeans around the waist and abdomen so that they could not burst by the process of downside.


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