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Sohrab Goth Bus Stop Karachi Terminals – News Line

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Sohrab goth bus stop Karachi Sohrab Goth Bus Stop Karachi Terminals – News Line

Sohrab Goth Bus Stop is located at the beginning of Karachi. If you enter Karachi from the Sindh motorway, the first bus stop is Sohrab Goth.

Sohrab Goth Bus Stop Karachi


Different luxury buses from Sohrab Goth Bus Stop travel to different cities all over Pakistan. The rent of these buses is also appropriate. The bus service is available here 24 hours.

Along with the bus service, it is also a huge trading center from which you can buy all the items you need at appropriate prices.

Al Asif Square, located at Sohrab Goth Bus Stop, is also known for delicious traditional food. Going to the hotels here, you can also enjoy Afghan-flavored foods.

If you want to travel from Sohrab Goth to the inner city of Karachi, you can benefit from People Bus Service Karachi.

The following bus services are available to facilitate passengers to travel to any city in Pakistan from Sohrab Goth.

Bus Services Sohrab Goth

  • Adil Shah Coach Karachi

Contact numbers

  1. 03332165240
  2. 03002081386
  3. 03012198645
  4. 03437849945
Adil Shah Coach Karachi


  • Baloch Transport bus service

Contact number

  1. 03018316855
  • Faisal Movers bus service

Contact number

  1. 02135622225
  2. 03102222225
  3. 03102222227
  4. 03102222228
  5. 03226224488
Faisal Movers Bus Service Karachi


  • Manthar Bus Service Karachi
Contact number


  1. 03007048395


Manthar Bus Service Karachi



  • Daewoo bus service karachi
Daewoo Bus Service Terminal Sohrab Goth is a few distance away from the Sohrab goth bus stop.
Contact number
  1. 02136830082
  2. 02136631811
  3. 03122427609
You can buy the Daewoo tickets online also.
Daewoo Bus Service Karachi


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