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New Business Ideas in Pakistan with low investment

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New Business Ideas in Pakistan with low investment

New Business
Ideas in Pakistan with low investment

Do you want
to start a business with low investment? But you don’t understand which
business to start and how to do it. Today we are going to tell you about 10
businesses ideas that can be started with low investment, but their daily
income is quite high.

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business ideas in Pakistan with low investment

French fries’

The potato
chips business is very simple and can be started with less money. You do not
need to rent a shop for this. In the beginning you can do it from a small
stall. And as the business expands, it may begin to sell more foods items, such
as burgers.


ketchup business

ketchup can be made at home and sold out. It’s a business that can starts with
low investment. Plastic bottles can be bought from the market and filled with
ketchup and sold to potato chips makers and burgers shops. They will buy
ketchup easily if you sell them on reasonable price. Once the business is up
and running, you can make a lot of money by putting your brand sticker on these
plastic bottles and selling them on a large scale.


Pakora making business

The work of
samosas and pakoras can also be started very easily. Everyone loves to eat
samosas and it is a daily commodity.

manufacturing business

The popcorn
business is very profitable business. Buy a popcorn making machine in just 8
thousand rupees only. And packing machines is just in 2 thousand rupee that
closes only one side of packet. You can purchase maize at Rs. 25-30 per kg and
sell it up to Rs. 300 per kg. And these popcorn packets can be sold at fuel
pumps, Grocery stores, Refreshment centers in the parks, and can be sold at
entertainment venues.


Pure Desi
ghee making business

People look
for real and pure desi ghee but they do not find real ghee. Pure desi ghee can
be made at home and sold at good prices in the neighborhood and to friends.


Fruit jam
making business

Recipe of
making fruit jam is available on YouTube. Fruit jam can be made at home and
packed in plastic or glass bottles and sold at general stores in the market.
This business can be started with very low investment in Pakistan.


Cake making

Cakes can be
easily made at home and sold outside. This is a profitable business with a 50%
profit margin. You can also start a channel on YouTube. Every time you make a
cake, upload the recipe on YouTube. Try different types of cakes.


Papad making

The business of papads is also easy. You need about Rs. 50 thousands in
the beginning to buy basic things. You can use a simple bag for packing papad.
When the business is going well, the packing can be improved.


Grape tree

It is a
lucrative business to plant grapes and take care of them and then get the
fruits from them and sell them. How to take care of plants? You can find out
more about this on the Internet.


Fresh Fruit
juice business

The fresh juice business is booming these days. And, beneficial. Fresh
juice business can be easily started from Rs.


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