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Jacqueline Fernandez approaches the court on threats from Sukesh Chandrasekhar

According to details, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has approached the Delhi court on threats from the culprit Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

According to Indian media, Jacqueline Fernandes filed a petition in court with the text of Chandrasekhar’s inappropriate messages and demanded his safety.

Jacqueline Fernandes, a beautiful actress who started her career in Bollywood in 2009, has also filed a complaint regarding Chandrasekhar in the Economic Offices Wing.

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Jacqueline Fernandes, a famous Bollywood actor, has been summoned in Chandrasekhar’s money laundering case.

According to Indian media reports, Chandrasekhar has sent very inappropriate messages to the actress based on which he has filed a petition in court.

Despite the Indian actress’s judicial appeal and news broadcast in the media, Delhi Police has not yet taken any action against the accused.

Sources say that the Economic Officers Wing on the case responded that after receiving the request, they will review what the message is harassed by the messages and to what extent the actress’s social or professional activities have been affected.

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