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How can you activate your sim card? See the revised policy

How can you activate your sim card? See the revised policy

The telecom industry in Pakistan introduces a more effective methodology for mobile phone SIM verification. Under this procedure, more than one fingerprint will now be stored in the system.

How can you activate your sim card?

Cellular mobile operators and Nadra signed an agreement at the Pakistan Telecommunication (PTA) headquarters on Friday, following which a new system has been implemented.

According to a statement issued by the PTA, after the Multi Finger Biometric Verification System (MBVS), cellular mobile operators will not only be able to confirm it with the thumb while selling it to any user. The machine will also have to be recorded.

According to the PTA, the BVS devices available to the companies have been upgraded, and now thumb and fingerprints can be confirmed.

The statement said that it will no longer want the cellular mobile operator’s representative to demand a thumb or fingerprint from the user, but will tell the system which fingerprints should be recorded.

The PTA says that in this way, the use of SIM will be discouraged while the use of users’ data and phone SIMs can be protected.

Chairman Nadra Tariq Malik says that fingerprints and fraud will be eliminated from fingerprints, multi-biometric verification system is a modern and very safe system, the system has the ability to prevent fraud from thumbs and fingerprints.

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