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Customization of Eyeshadow Packaging for Business Growth

Customization of Eyeshadow Packaging for Business Growth

Customization of Eyeshadow Packaging for Business Growth

The customization of packaging boxes helps cosmetic brands to present their products in packaging that suits their brand. Every brand has its own motive and image. Therefore, they customize packaging that is a perfect match for their brand. Also, the packaging boxes must be per the preferences of the targeted audience. There are many cosmetic products but let’s talk about eyeshadows packaging. The packaging experts can design eyeshadow packaging using the latest customization techniques that ensure business growth. Below are some ideas to customize eyeshadow packaging boxes:

Tell The Brands Story in A Professional Way

Makeup buyers prefer a company that can maintain a close and candid relationship with customers. Makeup brands have to design packaging that presents a positive brand image. It should give positive vibes to the buyers. For example, cosmetic buyers don’t like to buy eyeshadow from a company that does not even mention its name or logo on the packaging.  Therefore, you need to add a short and descriptive tagline on the eyeshadow boxes so that customers become aware of your brand. The aim and objective of your brand must also be included in the tagline to help customers better understand your products. Moreover, print contact and address details on the eyeshadow packaging that will allow customers to communicate with you without any problem.

Design Eyeshadow Packaging Using High-Quality Printing

The eyeshadow packaging printed using the latest and high-quality printing methods make professional boxes for your brand. The proper printing creates unique packaging boxes and markets your brand. Printed Eye Shadow Boxes give a detailed explanation of your products to the customers. You can share the ingredients, precautions, and possible side effects with your customers through the packaging. The customers will read the product description and confidently buy your products because they know what they are going to expect from you. Customers trust a cosmetic brand that provides all the details to their valuable customers. They return to such brands and trust their service. But, you should also make sure to print the detail in readable fonts and colors to ease customers in understanding your eyeshadow. Your motive must be providing ease to customers rather than confusing them with complex or unreadable prints.

Share Graphics Relevant to Eyeshadows

The cosmetic industry is diverse and many cosmetic suppliers are competing with each other to gain popularity. The eyeshadow packaging containing images that seem captivating to customers’ eye have the strength to boost sales. If customers can get an idea of your eyeshadows through the images on the packaging, it will be easier for them to make a buying decision. The custom eyeshadow boxes having product images, graphics, or animations gain customers’ attention. Eyeshadow pallets come in various colors and shades therefore you need to design the packaging accordingly. Many brands design secondary eyeshadow packaging that matches the primary packaging. You can further embellish the packaging of eyeshadows using high-end customization techniques.
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Gold/silver foiling
  • Coloring (CMYK and PMS)
  • Die-cutting
  • Window cutting
  • PVC sheet
  • Gluing, scoring, and perforation.

Safe and Secure Eyeshadow Packaging Materials

The expensive eyeshadow pallets need packaging that ensures the safety of the product till it reaches the customers’ doorstep. The various damage-causing factors such as crushing pressure, moisture, heat, dust, or shaking due to bumps on the road while delivering can destroy your eyeshadow products. Customers highly appreciate a brand that packages eyeshadows in safe packaging boxes. The Durable eyeshadow boxes made of cardboard material protect eyeshadow pallets against every sort of damage due to their sturdy nature. The corrugation of multiple paper layers increases the strength of the packaging against all the damage. Furthermore, you can go for UV spot, glossy or matte coating to protect eyeshadows against UV rays, wetness, or stains respectively.

Some Interesting Key Points About Custom Eyeshadow Packaging

Custom boxes are very beneficial because you can make them per your desires into any style or design. They do brand promotion and increase sales in the most effective way. Furthermore, one can customize these boxes per the size and shape of their eyeshadow products. Besides the above-mentioned features of custom eyeshadow packaging boxes, some other interesting features are:
  • Custom eyeshadow packaging made of cardboard, cardstock, or bux board is eco-friendly in nature meaning it is easy to recycle and reuse to conserve environmental resources.
  • Some cosmetic brands even get eyeshadow pallets of rigid cardboard to remain friendly to the environment and gain customers’ trust. The eco-friendly packaging is easily modifiable into any shape, size, and style per the requirements of your eyeshadows.
  • The most interesting perk of this kind of packaging is that it decomposes itself into the environment even if you don’t recycle it.
  • You can add a window cut on the eyeshadow boxes if you don’t want customers to open each packaging box to have a look at the product inside. You can add a transparent PVC sheet on the window cut to prevent damage and give customers a glimpse of the inside products.
  • One can get custom eyeshadow packaging for cream, glitter, liquid, or powder eyeshadows because it is flexible enough to fit every product.

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