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Things to Carry: Bhrigu Lake Trek – News Line

Things to Carry: Bhrigu Lake Trek – News Line

Trekking in Himachal Pradesh is usually difficult, but it is one of the top priorities for hikers owing to the adrenaline rush it provides. The walk is approximately 11 kilometers long and begins at Manali. The hike might conclude at either Manali or Vashist.

Things to Carry: Bhrigu Lake Trek

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is open from mid-May to the middle of October. The optimum time to go on the journey is before June and after August because this is when the rains fall. There is a chance of landslides at night. Summer temperatures range from 20 to 25 degrees during the day and 5 to 7 degrees at night.

If you plan to perform the Bhrigu Lake Trek in December, the temperature is approximately 10 degrees-15 degrees during the day and significantly colder at night. It can even get down below zero degrees at night. The lake is frozen for nearly half a year. You can admire the snow and the light beaming on the lake. Even if they leave early in the summer, travelers may enjoy the sight of snow.


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When you go in December, you may do the Bhrigu Lake hike. The entire region is blanketed with snow, and temperatures have dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius. Aside from that, the highest reaches are blanketed with snow! Bhrigu Lake is completely inaccessible. So going on a hike in the cold is not a smart idea.

What Should You Bring for the Bhrigu Lake Trek?

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is a high-altitude hike. The hiking equipment required for this walk is different from that required for other treks. As a result, read the entire segment.

Essentials for a Trek: You can’t make the journey without these.

1. Trekking Shoes

 Bhrigu Lake requires strong trekking shoes with a solid grip that can tolerate snow.

2. Rucksack

A 50-60 gallon backpack is necessary for a hike such as Bhrigu Lake. Your backpack should provide enough hip and shoulder support, and compartments should be easily accessible.

3. Clothes

In the mountains, layering is the greatest method to defend oneself. Layers offer the best protection against all elements. Layers are also helpful for guarding against the elements, especially in the highlands where the weather changes quickly.

5. Winter Insulation Layers

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is also possible in the winter. If you’re traveling between December and March, you’ll need at least 5 layers of warm clothes.

 6. Trek Pants

This walk necessitates at least one and no more than two pairs of trekking pants. One pair of pants should be worn, with an extra pair for when it rains/snows. Trek trousers with thighs that zip off making them excellent for trekking. Choose quick-drying pants over cotton pants.

Other essential Trek Essentials

1. A toiletries set

Keep the toilet kit as light as possible. Have only the essentials: a toothbrush, a roll-on deodorant, lip balm, a little moisturizer, toilet paper, a tiny detergent, and toothpaste. Because you will not be able to bathe throughout the hike, don’t stock up on shampoos and soaps.

Females should: If you’re more prone to have your Periods on your hike day, don’t worry about it. On the journey, you can use your own pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. There will be restroom tents where you may change.

2. Cutlery: 

You can bring your own cutlery such as plates and cups.

3. Two one-liter plastic bottles or a two-liter hydration pack:

The Bhrigu Lake Trek involves several trekking days. To stay hydrated, you must bring two 1-liter plastic water bottles. Carry a lightweight thermos; it will aid you in saving warm water on a cold morning or even late at night.

4. Personal medical kit

Carry the drugs with you so that they are easily available on most occasions. Do not take any medication unless you have first discussed it with your trip leader.

1. Paracetamol Dolo 650 (5 tablet computers):

It aids in dealing with high temperatures and little pain.

2. Avomine (4 tablet computers): Keep this on hand if you suffer from nausea. Half an hour before the start of your driving trip, take a 50% hr.

Documents Required to Carry

These are the documents that must be presented to the Forest Department prior to your expedition. You will not be allowed to trek if you do not have any of these.

Government picture identity card, original and photocopy Carry identification documents such as adhaar, voter id, and so on.

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