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Simple tips to help you get relief from the common cold

Simple tips to help you get relief from the common cold

Simple tips to help you get relief from the common cold

It may be hard to believe but there is no effective treatment for the common cold so far, instead one has to wait for a few days to get rid of it.

Most medications reduce the severity of cold symptoms, while many natural remedies can provide temporary relief.


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Today we will tell you how you can get rid of common cold at home?

How to prevent getting a cold?

Zinc supplement

According to some research reports, zinc supplements may help prevent or fight viruses such as those that cause the common cold.

Taking zinc supplements within 24 hours of the first symptoms of the disease can help reduce the severity of the disease.

Vitamin C

There has been a lot of research done on this vitamin in fighting colds and according to some reports it can shorten the duration of a cold by one day.

But the use of vitamin C does not significantly reduce the severity of symptoms after being affected by a cold, but it is important to make it a habit beforehand.

Get help from steam

Inhaling the steam helps to open up the stuffy nose while also reducing the severity of cold symptoms.

Gargle with salted water

Gargling with salt water reduces swelling of the throat while killing germs. Gargling 4 times a day can help in this regard.


A runny or blocked nose can make the condition worse, so an easy remedy is to apply some wax under the nose, on the lip, or massage it on the chest or throat.

The menthol present in vodka also reduces the severity of cough and opens blocked airways.

Using a nasal strip

Nowadays, nasal strips are commonly found in the market, which, when applied in the middle part of the nose, help to open the blocked nasal passages, which makes breathing easier during sleep.


A good way to get rid of a cold quickly is to rest, which keeps the body energized and makes it easier to fight germs.

What to eat to prevent common cold and flu?

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is really effective in reducing the severity of cold symptoms, even inhaling its steam can open a stuffy nose.

Drinking the soup helps in rehydrating the body while the hot and salty soup reduces the swelling of the throat.

Hot tea

This drink also works like chicken soup, inhaling its steam to open up a stuffy nose while drinking it soothes the throat and relieves dehydration.

Making a habit of drinking black and green tea can also help keep colds at bay.


According to one study, daily use of garlic supplements may help prevent colds, but more research is needed.

However, the severity of cold symptoms can be reduced to some extent by using garlic.

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