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Productive Tips to Ace the PTE Listening Section – News Line

 PTE listening section

Productive Tips to Ace the PTE Listening Section – News Line

Many candidates often find it quite challenging to understand spoken English. This is because of their less familiarity with spoken English. Their nervousness also hampers their ability to understand spoken English. Thus, they find the PTE listening section quite problematic. But let us tell you that improving your familiarity with spoken English can help you do wonders in the  PTE listening section. So, now you must focus on sweetening your familiarity with spoken English on a daily basis. But how will you do that? Don’t worry! We will help you with that by shedding light on excellent tips that can improve your acquaintance with the English language. 

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Embrace the productive tips mentioned below to ace the PTE listening section:

  • Know the procedure 

The entire duration to take the section is confined to 15-17 minutes. In this section, the examiner will comprehend your proficiency level in listening, reading, and writing abilities through eight question types. In the first type, you have to listen to the spoken text, and then, write a summary of it within 10 minutes. Then, you will get multiple-question types, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, multiple choice single answer, select missing word, highlight incorrect words, and write from dictation. You can get in-depth details of the previously mentioned question types through authentic websites. 

  • Time management

The next important thing that you have to consider is time management skills for your PTE listening section. As you know that the time duration to take the test would be very short. You must attempt the section quickly with a cool and active mind. Well, mock tests are the best source that you can ever get to improve your time management skills and performance in the exam. Because this will help you access your performance and improvement altogether. Therefore, look for authentic websites that can help you attempt the mock tests relevant to the PTE listening section. 

  • Pronunciation

You can understand spoken English efficiently only when you are familiar with the pronunciation of the vocabulary. Many candidates fail the section because of their lack of acquaintance with the pronunciation of the English vocabulary. Therefore, listen to English on a daily basis. But how will you find the sources that can help you get familiar with spoken English? Well, the answer is very simple. Get help from audiobooks, youtube videos with their subtitles on, news podcasts, English songs, web series, or movies. 

  • Focus

Focus is imperative, no matter whether you are taking exams, or playing games. But without a good level of focus, you can’t ace the  PTE listening section. Because it is very hard to transfer your thoughts from negative things to listening to what is being spoken to you. Many candidates find it problematic to focus on the recordings during the test. Nervousness also deteriorates their listening proficiency temporarily. But the good thing is that practice can help you improve your ability to focus. Get some recordings over the web and listen to them with an attentive mind. Then, give the answers to the questions and receive the scores to track your performance. 

  • Movies and audio books 

The best source to improve your English listening skills is through movies as you have to maintain your focus on the conversations between the characters to understand the main story. This will entertain you along with improving your proficiency in the English language to ace the PTE listening section. Furthermore, if you are traveling then, get your smartphone and start to listen to some audiobooks. This will surely improve your listening skills but only when you are spending time on an audiobook with worldwide recognition. 

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Practicing the above-mentioned tips regularly for three months will take your English listening skills to the next level. To be honest, proficiency in listening skills is only increased through listening to the language practically. Reading can’t help you gain expertise in understanding spoken English. Listen to English to improve your English listening skills for your PTE listening section. 

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