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Vince McMahon’s Crying Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Vince McMahon’s Crying Video Goes Viral On Twitter

A video featuring Vince McMahon has taken the internet by storm, particularly on social media plate form X. This viral clip has ignited a whirlwind of online activity and has become the inspiration for a flood of amusing memes.


The online community is well-known for its ability to grab the perfect moments and turn these moments into memes, and this time, well-known WWE star Vince McMahon is the star of their creative activities Instead of focusing on his surprise appearances or money-related antics, this latest viral sensation has a more emotional and sentimental tone. It has captured the attention of many not only because of its touching content but also due to the curiosity it has sparked about McMahon’s financial standing, estimated to be around USD 270 million.

Vince McMahon’s Crying Video

The source of this emotional video comes from the second episode of the 2020 documentary series “Undertaker: The Vince McMahon Last Ride,” featuring Mark Calaway, famously known as “The Undertaker.” In the interview during that episode, McMahon was asked about The Undertaker’s relationship with WWE and himself. Overwhelmed with emotion, McMahon couldn’t respond directly and gestured to the interviewer that he couldn’t continue. The episode also showcased a wrestling match between McMahon and Andre the Giant.


This viral video has not only boosted McMahon’s online presence but has also sparked discussions about his career and personal life. As the internet continues to react and engage with this unexpected put-on view of emotion from the co-founder of WWE, it’s clear that McMahon’s influence extends far beyond the wrestling ring.

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