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USA: Suspect in Lewiston Mass Shooting Is Found Dead

Suspect in Lewiston Mass Shooting Is Found Dead

The body of the suspect who escaped after shooting and killing 22 people in the American state of Maine has been found.

According to the Officials, looking at the body found after a two-day search, it seems that ex-US military suspect Robert Card committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Authorities say that the body of accused Robert Card was found in the forest near the same recycling plant from which he was fired from his job.

Officials claimed that Kard had also recently separated from his spouse while a suicide note was also recovered from the suspect’s possession.

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Over the summer, he claimed to hear voices and threatened to open fire on his own military base, officials said.

It should be noted that 22 people were killed and more than 60 were injured in shooting incidents at different places by the armed suspect Robert Card in the American state of Maine a few days ago.

According to American media, the suspect first opened fire at a bowling club in the city of Lewiston, killing 10 people on the spot. Later, the armed suspect also opened fire on a local bar and a Walmart distribution center, targeting people there.

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