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Dried prunes – Health benefits of prune

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Health benefits of dried prune

Dried prunes – Health benefits of prune

Prune is a fruit that is available in dry form in all seasons and in this form this fruit is very beneficial for our health.
Medical experts say that dried prunes are very beneficial for digestion and it is also useful for bone health. Dried prune is one of the fruits that helps to strengthen the bones.
This was revealed in 2 new medical research reports at the Pennsylvania State University in the United States. Research reports have discovered that consuming dry prune porridge daily can prevent bone weakness and loss of volume.
235 middle-aged women were made a part of these research reports. Women were chosen because women have a higher risk of osteoporosis than men.
The first study examined the relationship between edema and bone health.
The results showed that edema and oxidative stress negatively affect bone health, such as decreased bone mass.
In another study, the effects of eating dried prunes on bones were evaluated.
For this purpose, 4 groups were formed, one of which was kept away from this fruit, the second group was instructed to eat 5 to 6 per day and the third group was instructed to eat 10 to 12 dry prunes per day.
Some of the women in the fourth group were instructed to eat 5 to 6 and some 10 to 12 dry potatoes per day.
According to the researchers, the results showed that eating dried prunes improves bone health.
He said that it was found in earlier research reports that eating dried prunes improves bone health and now it has been confirmed.
He said that dry potatoes could be important in strengthening bones.
He added that dried prunes contain several vitamins and minerals that are important for bones, but at the same time, this fruit also fights inflammation, which also improves bone health.
He said that further research will be continued to find out why this fruit is the best for bone health.

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