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Disney Dreamlight Valley Crystal Mystery Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Crystal Mystery Quest Guide

Have you explored the Forest of Courage and successfully rescued Donald Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley? If so, the next adventure awaits as Merlin the Wizard presents you with the intriguing “Crystal Mystery” quest. This early-game quest introduces you to the Night Shards and their crucial role in the Rift, setting the stage for exciting developments in your Dreamlight Valley journey.

Understanding the Night Shards

New players may have already encountered the enigmatic Dream Shards while exploring the diverse biomes of this magical world. Initially, these shards may seem to serve no purpose other than filling up your inventory. However, as your story unfolds, you’ll soon realize their significance as Dreamers collect Villagers to undertake Friendship Quests and advance their narrative.

To embark on the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must heed Merlin’s cryptic tale about a peculiar black crystal he stumbled upon in the Forest of Courage. While he won’t pinpoint the exact location, he hints that the crystal lies in close proximity to the Dark Portal where you encountered Donald Duck earlier.

Finding the Crystal

To follow Merlin’s trail, journey to the Column of the biome and explore the grassy patches surrounding it. With a little luck, you’ll discover the crystal resting on the ground to the right of the pillar.

Completing the Crystal Mystery in Dreamlight Valley

Once you’ve retrieved the Mystery Shard and presented it to Merlin during the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, your next task is to unearth five Night Shards within the Rift.

For Seasoned Dreamers

If you’ve already amassed five of these black fragments, the quest objective will prompt you to return to Merlin with all the Night Pieces. The game conveniently tracks any items in your inventory, simplifying the process. Dreamers can easily access their home’s storage boxes, collect the required five Night Pieces, and swiftly return to Merlin to move the quest forward.

For Novice Dreamers

On the other hand, if you’ve never collected Night Shards before embarking on the “Crystal Mystery” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll receive the “Collect 5 Night Fragments” quest objective.

Gathering Night Shards

To obtain Night Shards, use the Royal Shovel to dig up clumps of earth scattered throughout the Vale. Unlike other resources, Night Shards are not bound to specific biomes, meaning you can find them anywhere on the map.

Completing the Quest

After you’ve gathered the necessary five shards, present them to Merlin. He will then instruct you to combine these shards with a Dream Fragment to create a Refined Night Fragment.

Concluding the Adventure

Finally, distribute the “Purified Night Piece” to anyone in the Village to bring “Crystal Mystery” in Disney Dreamlight Valley to a satisfying conclusion.

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