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Circles Manhwa Chapter 133: Raw Scans and Spoilers Stir Excitement Among Fans

The latest installment of the beloved Circles Manhwa, Chapter 133, has been unveiled on Toptoon, sending waves of excitement through its dedicated fan base. This series continues to enthrall its readers with its captivating plot twists and character evolution.

In this recent chapter, a new chapter unfolds in the storyline as Lee Yerin’s arc subsides, making room for the introduction of two intriguing female characters. This development has set the fan community buzzing with anticipation. Twitter user @Youngboy18plus generously shared raw scans and spoilers, granting eager fans a tantalizing glimpse into the evolving narrative.

Chapter 133 seamlessly picks up where the previous chapter left off. The characters Dayoung and Yeonhwoo, the silver-haired girl, express their admiration for Gaeul’s growth as an actress. Following this, Gaeul enjoys a meal with her friends, proudly recounting her achievements to Jaewoo.

Jaewoo, the central character of Circles Manhwa, has been fervently pursuing admission to his dream university. His diligence has finally paid off as he secured admission with outstanding results. However, the realities of university life have proven to be different from his expectations. Despite the presence of many attractive women at his institution, none belong to his department. Prior to enrollment, Jaewoo sought advice from his father on making friends in college, with his father emphasizing the importance of focusing on his studies to become more appealing to women.

A surprising twist in the story unfolds when the group learns that the chosen male lead for their drama club production has injured his leg during a football game, rendering him unable to perform. While Ga-in remains seemingly unfazed by this development, Dayoung expresses uncertainty. Han Nari proposes the idea of eliminating the male lead role entirely, focusing exclusively on the characters Eunhee and Gaeul.

Fans can officially dive into Circles Manhwa Chapter 133 on Toptoon. For those who prefer the English version, it’s available on Day Comics under the title ‘Drama Queens’. As the story continues to unfurl, fans are eagerly awaiting the twists and turns that await their beloved characters.

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