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72-year record-breaking Rain in Sydney – News Line

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72-year record-breaking Rain in Sydney

72-year record-breaking Rain in Sydney – News Line

According to foreign media reports, the 72-year-old record of annual rainfall in Sydney was broken after Thursday’s rain in Australia’s largest city.

According to reports, the city of Sydney has so far received 2213 mm (87 inches) of rain over 86 days this year, the heaviest since 2194 mm in 1950.

According to foreign media, 58 mm of rain was recorded in Sydney for 5 hours on Thursday, after which the authorities have expressed fear of flooding in the northern regions of Australia during the next three days.

According to the Department of Meteorology, Australia’s eastern coastline has been under a rain system for the past three years, with more rain expected by the end of this year.

State Emergency Services Minister said in a statement that we know that our dams and rivers are completely full, so even less rain now can cause a flood situation, in any case, additional rain will cause a severe flood situation.

So far this year, 20 people have died in Australia due to severe weather conditions.

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