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Twitter is finally testing an edit button – News Line

Twitter is finally testing an edit button – News Line

According to foreign media reports, work has been started practically to remove the error in the post on the social networking website Twitter.

Twitter is finally testing an edit button

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Twitter’s edit button feature will first be introduced to the company’s employees, after which it will be available only to the company’s ‘Twitter Blue‘ users, i.e. subscribers with a monthly subscription, instead of to all users.

The company published a blog post saying that the tweet editing feature will give users the ability to use the feature if they make a typo in a tweet and forget to add an extra hashtag. Thanks to will be able to correct these mistakes.

According to the blog post, a tweet can be edited within 30 minutes of posting it.

According to the company, edited tweets will appear with a timestamp and label that will let readers know that the original tweet has been edited.

Twitter sources say that this is a test feature that will be introduced for certain users, we also have to evaluate how users are misusing this new feature.

The company said that the feature will be tested in one country first and will be introduced in other countries based on that.

This new Twitter feature was also supported by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

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