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Putin to meet Chinese president next month, report

Putin to meet Chinese president next month, report

According to details, Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping next month.

According to sources, this is Putin’s first foreign visit since the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant against him.

The Russian president will attend the third Belt and Road Forum at the invitation of Xi Jinping during a high-level visit to Moscow in March.

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According to foreign media, Nikolai Petroshev, a close ally of Putin and the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, said that Russia and China should deepen cooperation in view of the West’s efforts to control both of them.

Let us also tell you that trade between China and Russia has increased since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russia has sold large amounts of oil to Asian powers, including China, that it cannot sell to the West due to sanctions.

The reason for the arrest warrant of the Russian President by the International Criminal Court
It should be noted that the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant for Putin’s arrest due to the illegal transfer and deportation of children from the occupied territories of Ukraine to Russia.

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