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Namaz ka Tarika in Urdu pdf


We are going to uplaod book Namaz parhne ka tarika which is in Urdu language. Download the book to know full Namaz ka tariqa with pictures step by step

Namaz ka Tarika


Namaz ka Tarika

Namaz is the most important duty and the second great pillar of Islam which have great importance. Non-prayer is a kaafir and out of the Islam. This is the difference between a believer (Momin) and a disbeliever (Munafiq). 

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Performing Namaz and its importance and virtue is so important that it is necessary to offer prayers while traveling and on the battlefield and in illness. Therefore, in view of the importance of Namaz, it is very important for every Muslim man and woman to know the correct way of performing Namaz, because the only Namaz that will be acceptable to Allah Almighty is the one that is performed according to the method of the Messenger of Allah. For us, the honor of the Holy Prophet. If prayers are offered according to their method, then it is acceptable with Allah.


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That is why he said, “Perform the prayer as you saw me praying.” In this short book, he has presented the spiritual and social benefits of prayers and the rules and issues of prayers in a simple way through practical pictures of standing and prostration.

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