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Kim Jong Un arrives in Russia via train ahead of meeting with Putin

According to foreign media reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un entered Russia in his luxury and bullet-proof armored train, accompanied by the top leadership of the North Korean military.

According to media reports, the presence of the military leadership along with Kim Jong shows the possibility that there may be an arms deal between Russia and North Korea. It is seen in the context of war.

According to foreign media reports, during North Korea’s visit to Russia, the Russian president has announced a visit to the space center and it is possible that he will visit the space center with Kim Jong-un, but so far this is not the case. It is not clear whether the important meeting between the two leaders will take place here or not.

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Media reports have suggested that the talks between Kim Jong-un and Putin are aimed at humanitarian aid as North Korea faces shortages of basic necessities such as food and medicine, one of the main reasons for the North Korean government’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak. After 2020 it sealed its borders.

Media reports say that a stop at the space center will be crucial during the North Korean leader’s visit to Russia, as North Korea wants to seek help from Russia in its space program.

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