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Difference between Metal and Ceramic braces – which is best?

Difference between Metal and Ceramic braces – which is best?

Thinking of orthodontics but don’t know which braces to opt for? 

Many people are strangled between the same thoughts about the best option and which one to opt for.

If you ask me, I suggest you opt for the one which is suitable for your teeth and satisfies your requirements.

However, here I have explained both in detail so that you can analyze the importance of both and select the best one for you.

Let’s see all those here in this article. 

Metal vs Ceramic Braces

Difference between Metal and Ceramic braces – which is best?

How are metal braces different from that ceramic?

Both ceramic and metal braces are different in their aspects. If one is superior in one aspect, the other will be superior in the following. Therefore, opting for both is a good option; you must know your needs. You can visit the best dental clinic near you for effective orthodontic treatment. Let’s see the difference between metal and ceramic braces here in detail. 


When we talk about durability, nothing can come over metal braces, as they have the highest durability when compared to other different forms of braces. Ceramic braces are made up of fragile and delicate material that can be broken easily. Hence they are less durable than metal braces.


When it comes to affordability, even here, metal braces have their own significance, which is the reason why many of us prefer metal braces. They are more affordable than any other braces in orthodontics, whereas ceramic braces are costlier than metal braces. The ceramic braces cost is relatively higher when compared the metal braces.


Here’s where the ceramic braces may favor you! The ceramic braces are made of tooth-colored material, making them less visible than the metal ones. They are also called clear braces. In the case of metal braces, they are more visible and give an unpleasant appearance. Metal braces can be identified easily, even from a distance. 


When the subject is about comfort, I assure you that you may feel more comfortable with ceramic braces. It is because the ceramic braces are fragile and can be adjusted quickly. They do also not hurt your teeth. At the same time, this is not as same in the case of metal braces. Metal braces might cause minute scratches on your teeth, affecting the texture of your teeth and the enamel. 


Not every brace is suitable for everyone. There are several things to be considered while selecting braces. Metal braces are suitable braces that can be set in mostly all levels of crooked and misaligned teeth. Whereas in the context of the ceramic braces, they cannot clear all sorts of crooked and misalignment. Ceramic braces can treat only mild to medium levels of crookedness and misalignment of the teeth.

So these were some of the differences between the metal and the ceramic braces. 

Pros and Cons of both Metal and Ceramic Braces. 

Metal braces:


  • Inexpensive:

Metal braces aren’t expensive and also match your budget deadlines. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the expenses in the context of the metal braces as they are more affordable than all other braces. 

  • Faster: 

Compared to other braces, metal braces move your teeth faster. Metal braces can help straighten your teeth from 1 to 1 1/2 years, whereas ceramic braces may take only around 2 to 3 years to complete the treatment. 


  • Visible:

One of the major cons of these metal braces is that they are easily visible even from the farthest. Their unappealing appearance makes them less preferable than other types of braces. They are more traditional and have minimal features. 

  • Limited Food Options:

When you’re with the metal braces, there are chances that you need to avoid maximum food. As these braces are made up of steel brackets and wires, there are chances that the food can get stuck in between. Hence to avoid that, there are chances that you may need to require certain foods. 

Ceramic Braces:


  • Delicate:

You might have felt uncomfortable with these rigid metal braces in many instances. But, in the case of ceramic braces, they’re usually delicate and provide comfort to the patients.

  • Invisible:

One of the best things about ceramic braces is that they’re significantly less visible when compared to metal braces, as they are made up of material similar to the colour of the tooth (polycrystalline alumni), which makes them less visible in front of others.


  • Stains Easily:

Ceramic braces get stained easily, so many people have to think twice or thrice before opting for ceramic braces. 

These braces get stained when exposed to foods like red wine, tea, coffee, etc.

  • Less Durable:

As these braces are made up of delicate materials, there are chances for these braces to break easily. Hence when compared to metal braces, ceramic braces are less durable. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference between Metal and Ceramic Braces;  

Which one is the best, metal or ceramic braces?

Metal and ceramic Braces are better in their aspects; in terms of durability, the metal braces are considered best, whereas when it comes to visibility, the ceramic braces are less visible than the metal braces, making them a suitable option. 

Are ceramic braces more durable than metal braces?

The answer to these questions is No. Metal Braces are more durable than ceramic braces.

Hope you find the blog helpful. If you have any queries you can clarify them here in the comment section. Stay connected for more articles like this.


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