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Who is Vivek Ramaswamy? Some facts you should know about

Who is Vivek Ramaswamy? Some facts you should know about

Key Details about Vivek Ramaswamy You Should Be Aware Of
Vivek Ramaswamy, an Indian-American political figure, is making waves in the race for the Republican nomination in the upcoming US Presidential primaries, where he faces competition from none other than Donald Trump. His prominence stems from his achievements in the business realm and his stance on various policies.

At 35 years old, Ramaswamy has a background as an entrepreneur, but his journey is not without legal hurdles. Former employees have taken legal action against him, asserting that he and his co-founder engaged in activities that breached securities laws and mistreated the workforce at their company, Strive Asset Management. These legal claims coincide with Ramaswamy’s political campaign, which he champions based on his business victories and policy perspectives.

Ramaswamy’s upbringing is rooted in Cincinnati, Ohio, although his parents immigrated from Kerala, India. He pursued education at Harvard University, followed by earning a law degree from Yale University. Notably, Ramaswamy co-established Roivant Sciences, an influential player in the biotech industry that achieved notable biotech IPOs and successful clinical trials resulting in FDA-approved products. His subsequent endeavor, Strive Asset Management, centers on upholding high standards in business operations.

Central to Ramaswamy’s political platform are his firm stances on China and trade policies. He advocates for a complete “de-coupling” from China and emphasizes forging robust trade connections with countries such as India, Japan, and South Korea.

His book, “Woke, Inc: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam,” delves into his critical perspective on corporate involvement in social justice matters.

Two former employees, Joyce Rosely and John Phillips, have independently brought lawsuits against Ramaswamy’s Strive Asset Management. Rosely’s allegations involve being coerced into violating securities laws and facing mistreatment after raising concerns about inappropriate advances and securities infractions. Meanwhile, Phillips contends that he received false information about the company’s financial health and was pushed to transgress securities regulations.

Despite these legal entanglements, Ramaswamy remains resolute in his pursuit of the presidency. His polling average currently positions him in third place, trailing behind Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

An upcoming debate in Wisconsin is poised to provide Ramaswamy with a platform to expound upon his policies and his vision for the future of the United States.

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