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What foods, snacks and drinks to not eat before bed – News Line

What foods, snacks and drinks to not eat before bed – News Line

According to medical experts, you should not eat anything 2 hours before going to bed at night so as not to have negative effects on the digestive system or any other body system.

But it cannot be denied that the desire to eat something shortly before going to bed at night arises in most people. What can be desired now differs from person to person, but eating the following foods before going to bed can disturb your sleep and the next day can also be bad due to sleepiness.

What foods, snacks and drinks to not eat before bed

Foods to avoid before bed

Fried foods

Eating fried or fatty foods shortly before bed at night slows down the digestive system, causing the body to work harder to try to fall asleep. According to medical research, fried foods should be avoided before going to bed if we do not want to trouble the engine of our digestive system during sleep.

Spicy foods

Consuming hot or spicy foods before bed can upset the stomach and cause heartburn, making it almost impossible to sleep. But at the same time, these foods cause the release of a chemical substance called histamine in the body, as a result of the release of this substance, it is difficult for the body to sleep.


Pizza is also a high-fat food that is heavy on the digestive system while increasing the risk of heartburn. If you are busy doing it, you have to change the crotch while sleeping.

Roasted meat

Meat contains the sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan, which makes it an ideal bedtime snack. But one study found that high amounts of protein in it can reduce the availability of tryptophan to the brain, which affects sleep.

Snacks to avoid before bed

French fries

Sleep is very important for our health, so we should avoid habits that affect its quality, and avoid eating french fries a few hours before going to bed. French fries are high in fat, which makes the body focus more on digestion than sleep, while also increasing the risk of heartburn.


The caffeine in chocolate drives sleeps away from the brain. So if you have to sleep, don’t eat chocolate before going to bed.


Eating popcorn before going to bed should be avoided, as they are high in salt which increases thirst throughout the night, affecting sleep.

Bakery chips

Bakery chips are high in fat, fat, and salt, which increases the likelihood of heartburn while waking up at night to drink water. Eating them before bed also makes it harder for the body to digest them.

Ice cream

Ice cream, especially coffee ice cream, contains caffeine like coffee, as a result of which sleep is lost. be

Drinks to avoid before bed


Of course, drinking water is important for health, especially before going to bed, we like to drink water and go to bed. According to medical experts, consuming an adequate amount of water throughout the day is enough for our health, but most people are much more thirsty than they think. They drink water before going to bed, and as a result of which they have to make trips to the bathroom, which disrupts sleep.


Coffee has more caffeine than chocolate and eating it before bed can keep you up late.


Tea, whether black, milky, or green, all contain caffeine which results in the same effect as chocolate or coffee.

All types of energy drinks

Energy drinks and similar beverages usually contain caffeine, so they should be avoided before bedtime.

Soft drinks

Bubbles in soft drinks can cause indigestion and force you to change the crotch in bed, the acidity in these drinks affects the surface of the teeth, prefer water before bed but not too much.

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