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Top eCommerce Websites in UK to Start an Online Store – News Line

Top eCommerce Websites in UK to Start an Online Store – News Line

Understanding the UK’s e-commerce market helps to know who the big players are. The UK top 7 includes both US megabrands like Amazon and eBay and UK megabrands like Argos and John Lewis that started out as stores. This is then mixed with the purists of e-commerce, like Asos, to make the typical e-commerce mix in the UK.

Top eCommerce Websites in UK to Start an Online Store

What stands out is that marketplaces and brands compete in a wider range of categories than they used to. But it’s important to know that there is a thriving market for niche sites with a loyal customer base outside of the top seven.

7 UK eCommerce Websites to Start an Online Store

After doing research here are UK web design agencies, these are the top 10 sites with the best rankings. Let’s have a look

1- Amazon UK

Amazon’s eCommerce Websites in the UK are, not surprisingly, the most eCommerce Websites in the UK. It is also the 4th most popular site in the UK overall and the 42nd most popular site in the world.

Amazon started out as an online bookstore, but now it is a superpower that is number one in most e-commerce categories, from computers and electronics to books and literature to streaming TV and movies.

2- eBay UK

eBay has been around for a long time as a place to buy and sell electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles, sports goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and anything else that people like to buy online.

Because it has so many things to buy, it’s like Amazon in that it covers a lot of different categories and attracts customers from many different groups.

3- Gumtree

Gumtree was the first eCommerce Website in the UK to offer free classified ads. People could buy and sell everything from cars to houses and even find or post jobs in their area.

Today, Gumtree is still the UK’s most popular site for classified ads, and one in three adults use it every month. It is the most popular place to buy and sell goods or share jobs or apartments. It is also the most popular marketplace overall.

4- Tesco

Tesco is an eCommerce Website in the UK for grocery stores. It has 3,400 stores all over the country and is number one in the UK for food and drink/groceries.

Tesco has grown to include clothing, banking, telecommunications, and more in addition to groceries. This makes them a competitor in a wide range of categories and draws customers from most demographics.

5- Argos

Argos is one of the best eCommerce Websites in the UK. It sells more than 60,000 items, including toys, clothes, electronics, appliances, jewelry, gardening tools, and much more, both online and in stores.

Working with top brands like Bose, Beats, Dyson, LEGO, Nespresso, and Samsung, they attract customers from a wide range of ages, backgrounds, and interests.

6- Asos

Asos is a British company that started selling clothes and cosmetics online in 2000. Since then, it has become a favorite fashion e-commerce site all over the world, ranking fifth in the world for lifestyle/fashion and apparel.

Today, Asos sells more than 850 brands, makes its own clothes and accessories, and ships to all 196 countries from fulfillment centers in the UK, US, and EU. Its main market is young adults from all over the world.

7- Asda

Asda is an eCommerce Website in the UK that sells fresh groceries and clothing and home goods from the George Clothing and George Home lines. They also offer insurance, which is sent right to the door of their customers, saving them money and time.

Asda is an eCommerce Website in the UK that has everything a family needs in one place. Even though they sell a lot of different things, they are best in the food and drink/grocery category, where they are number two.


There is a good mix of marketplaces, department stores, and specialty retailers among the UK’s top online retailers. As online shopping continues to improve, many of these sites should do well. Still, it’s not clear who will stay on the list in the years to come.

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