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Investigation underway after jet crashes at Thunder Over Michigan air show

Investigation underway after jet crashes at Thunder Over Michigan air show

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has reported that both occupants of a MiG-23 jet involved in the crash at the Thunder Over Michigan air show on Sunday are now in stable condition.

The incident occurred in close proximity to the Waverly on the Lake apartment complex situated in Belleville. According to Jayse Benson, a resident of the Waverly complex, he heard distinct popping sounds, which were later identified as the ejection of the pilots. From his balcony, Benson witnessed the aircraft descending. He recounted, “Following the ejections, I observed the plane flying in that direction. Its altitude seemed notably low, and then suddenly, I witnessed a substantial mushroom cloud formation.”

Although the jet struck a number of unoccupied vehicles within the apartment complex premises, it narrowly avoided impacting the actual buildings. Fortunately, no injuries were sustained by anyone present at either the apartment complex or the air show.

John Brannon, a Senior Air Safety Inspector representing the NTSB, shared his perspective on the event. He acknowledged the fortunate outcome, stating, “Considering the relatively large size of the aircraft, along with the survival of both pilots and the absence of injuries on the ground, we can consider this a positive result.” Brannon clarified that prior to the crash, the jet had completed two of its planned three flyovers as part of the air show.

The ongoing investigation into the incident remains underway. Brannon explained that it might take several months before comprehensive details about the crash emerge. He commented, “We are coordinating the arrival of a recovery team to retrieve the airplane for further examination off-site. At this juncture, the data we possess is in its preliminary stages. Drawing definitive conclusions based on our current information is premature. Substantive progress in the investigation will likely necessitate several months.”

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