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Here are the benefits that you can expect from Video in Print technology – News Line

Here are the benefits that you can expect from Video in Print technology – News Line

Combined with the flexibility and target potential of printed media, Video Brochures, Video in Print, video displays, and video mailers give you the powerful impact of video messaging. Once you choose video brochures, you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above:

Preferred Media:

When we talk of Video in Print brochures, we actually mean a video brochure made up of an LCD screen that is embedded within a printed brochure with the purpose of giving customers added exposure to information. People may not go through all the bulleted points even if you have designed the most attractive and colorful brochure by yourself. It is instead a Video in Print brochure that grabs the customer’s attention and keeps it all through the presentation. It is due to the additional printed content on the video brochure that gives easy access to the most important information at a glance.

Interactive Design:

Keep your viewer focused on your content with the help of the eight available buttons that help in creating an interactive experience. In a Video in Print brochure, you can also fine-tune your video message by choosing from channel buttons, volume buttons, play/pause buttons, and additional options.

Get Immediate Access Anywhere:

When it comes to Video in Print brochures, Wi-Fi or connection speeds are never a matter of concern to guarantee a good presentation. Video in Print allows you to consistently share good information at any time and in any location. Your presentation is locally stored on the brochure which can be updated with the help of a USB cable. Thus, there is no requirement for an Internet connection. Most of the standard Video in Print brochures come with 128 MB of memory, which is capable of playing up to 7 minutes of video content. You can also upgrade them to as many as 2 GB of memory for video playback of up to 2 hours.

Long Lasting Impact:

While print brochures are very common marketing pieces, you can get your customers talking by adding a video presentation to your brochure. This will also help keep your company at the forefront of their minds. Moreover, you can include speakers in Video in Print brochures and thus offer a multi-sensory presentation that will help viewers remember your message long after the seminar or conference is over. It is only with the help of videos that will help your product stand out from the daily influx of marketing messages thereby ensuring a truly memorable audiovisual experience.


Once you are done with creating your Video in Print brochure, you have a lot of options to adjust your content. In case you need to update any information, you can simply replace the video. You just need to upload the new content using the included port and USB cable. In addition to that, you can also make small adjustments in the video to reach different audiences, while ensuring the primary information remains the same in the brochure.


Video in Print brochures are meant to be durable so that you can make use of them several times before the need for replacement arises. Unlike the flimsy paper brochures, they present a substantial marketing piece that portrays a more professional appearance. The batteries powering the brochure are also rechargeable, which makes it possible to use the brochure several times.

Stand out from the competition:

Brochures are a traditional marketing piece that has been proven to be effective to captivate the customer’s attention over time. But, why provide a brochure with ordinary text and information? Instead, go for a Video in Print brochure and set yourself apart from the competition. Show your customers what you can do for them.


What’s unique about a Video in Print brochure? The distinctiveness lies in the fact that you can change the video content whenever you want. Utilize the USB drive to make edits and easily swap out the video.

Applicable to all business sizes and Industries:

You can maximize your ROI if you implement video into your strategies. Irrespective of whether you have a small family- owned business or a big business, or no matter what industry you are in, a Video in the Print brochure can be used to showcase your offerings. Such brochures are also customizable and you can design them to match your brand.

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of a Video in Print for your business why wait? Perform a quick online search and look for companies that provide the best customizable video brochures on the market.

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Here are the benefits that you can expect from Video in Print technology

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