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Green Line Bus Karachi Routes, Timings, and ticket price 2023

Green Line Bus Karachi Routes, Timings, and ticket price 2023

The Green Line Bus Service Karachi project is a state-of-the-art mass transit system in Karachi designed to upgrade the city’s public transportation infrastructure. The first phase of the project, covering a 21 km route and 22 stations, was inaugurated by ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in early 2022, and 80 diesel hybrid buses with a seating capacity of 150 passengers each were purchased from Foton company.


Green Line Bus Karachi

The buses have features such as security cameras and charging ports and are accessible for disabled passengers. The project aims to facilitate 300,000 passengers daily, with buses arriving every 10 minutes.

The Karachi Green Line BRT system is the first operational metro bus route among other proposed routes under the “TransKarachi” project, which is rapidly taking shape to address transportation issues in the megacity.


Green Line bus Karachi routes and bus stops

The Green Line Bus Karachi contains 22 bus stations, each approximately 1 kilometer away from the next. Below is the complete route map and the complete list of Green Line Bus Karachi bus stops.

  1. Surjani Terminal
  2. 4K Chowrangi
  3. North Karachi
  4. UP Morr
  5. Nagan Chowrangi
  6. Sakhi Hassan
  7. Shahrah-e-Jehangir
  8. Hyderi
  9. Shahrah-e-Humayun
  10. Orange Line
  11. North Nazimabad
  12. Eid Gah Bagh
  13. Urdu Bazaar
  14. Sanitary Market Gul Bahar
  15. Lasbela Chowk
  16. Guru Mandir
  17. Numaish Chowrangi
  18. Agha Khan III Road
  19. Aurangzeb Market
  20. Merewether Tower
  21. Karachi Port Trust
  22. City Station Karachi

Green Line Bus Karachi Route

Green line bus Karachi timings

Green Line Karachi Bus Service operates from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the convenience of passengers.


Green Line bus Karachi ticket price and Fares

The minimum ticket price of the Green Line bus service is PKR 15 and the maximum fare is PKR 55. However, the ticket will always cost you PKR 55 for the entire Green Bus Karachi route, no matter how long the distance you are traveling. But, if you are a daily user of this bus service, getting a Green Line Metro bus card would be more economical for you.


How to get a Metro Bus card?

You can buy this card for just PKR 100 and recharge it according to your traveling needs. Using this card, traveling via the Green Line Bus in Karachi would cost you PKR 5 (including the base fare of PKR 15) per station.


Green Line bus Karachi App download

The Sindh Government has also launched a mobile app for the passengers of the Karachi Public Bus Service through which passengers can charge their card and locate other public buses including the Karachi Green Line Bus easily.

Passengers will be able to locate the bus, recharge their account, and purchase metro cards and tickets for the Orange and Green Line bus services using the app.

Green Line Bus Karachi App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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