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Google Celebrates Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day with Unique Doodle.

Google Celebrates Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day with Unique Doodle.

On the occasion of Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, Google, renowned as the world’s largest search engine, continues its annual tradition by unveiling a distinctive doodle, uniquely crafted to celebrate this significant event.

Google has upheld the practice of creating these artistic doodles to honor diverse cultures and commemorate national milestones across various countries. For several years now, Google has been crafting distinctive doodles tailored for the people of Pakistan to celebrate their Independence Day.

In this year’s rendition, Google presents the ‘Indus River Dolphin’ as the centerpiece of its doodle, depicted elegantly against a backdrop of vibrant green. The doodle symbolizes the rich biodiversity of the region, drawing attention to the endangered Indus River Dolphin, locally known as ‘Bhulan’ in both Urdu and Sindhi. This elusive species is native to the waters of the Indus River and is often spotted near the shores of Pakistan.

The doodle, capturing the essence of Pakistan’s natural heritage, can also be conveniently shared across various social media platforms through the available sharing options on the right side of the doodle.

Google conveyed warm wishes to its Pakistani users on this momentous day, expressing, “Happy Independence Day, Pakistan! Today’s annual Doodle Artwork showcases the unique and cherished characteristics of the local Indus River Dolphin. This endangered species, locally referred to as ‘Bhulan,’ holds a special place in the ecosystem of the Indus River in Pakistan. The portrayal emphasizes its presence along the shores of the country.”

google doodle on 75th independence day

As a reminiscent note, Google’s preceding year’s doodle commemorated the iconic architectural marvel, ‘Freer Hall,’ situated in Karachi. The doodle was conceptualized and shared to mark the 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence Day celebration.

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