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Foundation raises $1M for Maui recovery within 4 hours of calling for donations

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Foundation raises $1M for Maui recovery within 4 hours of calling for donations

The call for donations to aid in the recovery of Maui after the devastating wildfires have led to remarkable results, as a foundation managed to raise a substantial $1 million within a mere four hours.

At the forefront of these fundraising efforts is the Hawaii Community Foundation, which is actively receiving contributions through the Maui Strong Fund. This fund has been strategically established to ensure the swift deployment of resources to Maui, providing crucial assistance for relief and recovery endeavors. These encompass a wide range of support such as shelter, sustenance, financial aid, and various essential services.

The organization is working in close cooperation with Maui County Mayor Bissen, state authorities, and other non-profit entities to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the immediate needs required to assist Maui’s residents during this challenging period.

Expressing sympathy for the ongoing situation, Hawaii Community Foundation’s CEO and President, Micah Kane, conveyed, “Our hearts go out to everyone on Maui right now.”

Several significant contributions have enabled the foundation to swiftly amass the impressive $1 million:

  • Omidyar Ohana Fund contributed an immense $500,000.
  • Existing funds within the Maui Strong Fund provided $170,000.
  • A generous donation of $100,000 came from the Goodfellow Bros.
  • Hawaii Life extended a helping hand with a donation of $50,000.
  • The Cooke Foundation showed its support by contributing $25,000.
  • The Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture, and Design also provided $25,000.

Anonymous donors made up the remainder of the raised $1 million.

Importantly, the Hawaii Community Foundation is ensuring that no collection fee will be deducted from the contributions directed to the Maui Strong Fund. The entirety of the donated funds, amounting to 100%, will be allocated to meet the pressing needs of the community.

In addition to these efforts, numerous local foundations and organizations are actively accepting monetary contributions, meals, and goods to extend their support toward the well-being of Maui residents.

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