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Foods that are bad for your teeth – News Line

Foods that are bad for your teeth – News Line

Do you often suffer from cavities, gum disease, tooth sensitivity, or stains? So you need to pay special attention to your dental health. You may be eating foods or chewing on hard objects that cause damage to the surface of your teeth.

Foods that are bad for your teeth


Dr. Mukal Dabholkar, a renowned dentist in India, says, “Certain foods erode the white glossy layer on top of the teeth, which then increases tooth sensitivity and makes it common for tooth decay and cold sores. Although today, tooth sensitivity can be controlled by various kinds of toothpaste, when the situation worsens, the teeth have to be extracted or the gaps created in them have to be filled.

What foods can damage your teeth?

Coffee or tea

Drinking tea or coffee with added sugar can increase the risk of cavities, coffee, in particular, can dry out the mouth, and drinking too much of these drinks increases the risk of tooth decay.


Candies etc stick to the surface of the teeth for a long time and take a long time to dissolve and are very harmful to the teeth. Hard candies can also break your teeth, says Dr. Mukal Dabholkar.

Tart fruits

Most citrus fruits such as canola and canola are a good source of vitamin C, but consuming too much of them can weaken the surface of teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay.

Acidic foods

If you think that lemon juice is the best home remedy to whiten your teeth, then you need to rethink your thinking because according to Dr. Mukal Dabholkar, it is harmful. He recommends that you brush your teeth thoroughly after eating lemons, tomatoes, grapes, and malta.

Sweet drinks

Soda greatly increases the rate of bacteria on the teeth that attack the surface of the teeth. They also cause dry mouth as consumption of these drinks reduces saliva production while also staining the teeth.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks, like soda, are high in acidity and sugar, which accelerate tooth decay. Energy drinks also stain the teeth and excessive consumption can make teeth more sensitive to hot or cold drinks.


Smoking is also harmful to the teeth, which not only causes yellowing of the teeth but also this habit significantly increases the growth rate of bacteria in the gums.


These chips not only lead to weight gain but the starch in them gets converted into sugar in the mouth, which gets stuck between the teeth, increasing the number of bacteria. So you need to brush your teeth thoroughly after eating chips.

Chewable tablets

Vitamin-enriched chewable tablets stick to the teeth and damage them.

It is very important to stay away from these foods for good dental health, while milk, yogurt, cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables, walnuts, and green tea are the foods that meet the calcium requirement for teeth.

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