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Eligibility Requirements for Google AdSense Account | How to Get AdSense Approval Fast?

Eligibility requirements for Google AdSense Account | How to Get AdSense Approval Fast?

Eligibility requirements for AdSense

Eligibility requirements for AdSense

To participate in the AdSense program, you need to meet our AdSense eligibility criteria. Here are some things to see before you sign-up for a Google AdSense account:

Requirements for Google AdSense Account | How to Get AdSense Approval Fast

1. Unique and Interesting Content

Your content must be high-quality, original, and attractive to the audience. Read our tips to form sure your site’s pages are ready for AdSense.

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Note: it is vital that you simply can access the HTML ASCII text file of the location you submit for AdSense. Learn more about owning the location you would like to use to participate in AdSense.

2. Your content must suit the AdSense Program policies

Make sure that your site complies with our Program policies before you sign in. confine in mind that we may change our policies at any time, and per our Terms and Conditions, it is your responsibility to stay up so far with them.

3. Are you at least 18 years old?

As noted in our Terms and Conditions, we will only accept applications from applicants who are over 18.

Note: If you’re under 18, you’ll have a parent or guardian check-in for AdSense using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account is approved, all payments are going to be made to the adult liable for the location.

4. If you use Blogger, YouTube, or another hosting partner

If you employ a product like Blogger or YouTube (or another AdSense host partner), you’ll check-in for a hosted AdSense account. Note that to be eligible, you want to meet certain eligibility requirements. When your blog or channel becomes eligible for monetization via AdSense, you’ll found out your AdSense account and link these products.

5. Confirm your site’s pages are ready for AdSense

For your site to succeed with AdSense, it should have unique content that’s relevant to your visitors and provides an excellent user experience. Before you check in for AdSense, we recommend you review your pages to make sure they’re in fine condition.

6. What’s special about your pages?

With many sites out there already, you’ll want to make unique, original, and relevant content that keeps users engaged and encourages them to read more.

Consider the arrangement of the weather (text, images, etc.) on your pages. Your layout should look inviting, and visitors should be ready to easily find what they’re trying to find. inspect this post on the AdSense blog for tips: Refining your website’s user experience in 3 steps.

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Consider providing a comment section for your visitors. Feedback from users who’ve used your site and skim your content can really assist you to enhance your site because it grows.

Note: you will need to moderate your comment section, so it stays compliant with the AdSense Program policies and free from inappropriate content. Learn more about user-generated content and the way to manage it.

7. Do your pages have clear, easy-to-use navigation?

An accessible, easy-to-use navigation bar (or menu bar) may be a key part of providing an honest user experience. When building your navigation bar, consider:

Alignment – are all the weather lined up correctly?

Readability – is that the text easy to read?

Functionality – do your drop-down lists work correctly?


For a travel site, your navigation bar might appear as if this:

-> Homepage – Destinations – Gallery – Reviews – About us

For a programming site, your navigation bar might appear as if this:

-> Homepage – C++ – PHP – JavaScript – Beginners – About us

Ultimately, your navigation bar should help users quickly understand the way to interact together with your site. For more information, see our user experience guidelines on employing a transparent structure to guide users.

8. Do your pages have unique and interesting content?

Valuable and original content is paramount to putting together a robust and constant user base. When users enjoy your content, they share the experience with others, and this successively helps you to grow your site. For tips and advice, see this post on the AdSense blog: Creating outstanding website content in 3 steps.

You should look out when using external resources like articles on other sites or embedded videos. it is vital that you simply contribute your own original content, whether it’s specialist knowledge, improvement ideas, reviews, or your personal thoughts. As stated within the Google Publisher Policies, Google ads might not be placed on sites with scraped or copyrighted content. this is often a policy violation and will cause you to have your ads disabled or your account closed.

For more information on good practices for your site, see the Webmaster quality guidelines.

9. Ready for AdSense?

When your feel that your site meets all guidelines, you can sign up for Google AdSense Account.

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