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Downtown Circle – Giant ring surrounds Burj Khalifa 550 metres above ground

Downtown Circle – Giant ring surrounds Burj Khalifa 550 metres above ground

A proposal to build a circle touching five buildings around Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, has come out.

The proposed design by a Dubai-based architecture firm has been dubbed the ‘Downtown Circle’. It will be 500 meters high and three kilometers long.

Downtown Circle in pictures

The impression of the design is like a ring around the tall building of Burj Khalifa, in this circle the design of creating valleys, mounds, plants, trees, caves, flowers, green belts, waterfalls has been developed.

According to the plan and design suggested by the architectural experts, this structure with a 3 km circumference around the Burj Khalifa will be built with the help of five big pillars, which will change the skyline of the city.

The design called Downtown Circle is designed to build a 500-meter-high circular ring with the help of five giant pillars that will encompass the entire downtown area of ​​Dubai.

Designed by architects Najmas Chaudhry and Nels Ramis of Dubai-based architecture firm Znera Space, the design will give Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa a new and exciting attraction.

Architect Najmas Chaudhry, who designed the round ring, said that how feasible this project would be? How much can it cost? Without going into all these details I will just say that this is a very time consuming project, it may require a lot of manpower and resources and such projects require a lot of construction time and engineering.

He said that in this design, the big ring will be constructed with the help of five giant poles, but these poles themselves will be connected to each other by two circular rings which will be made into a green belt and named Sky Park.

He said that different natural scenery, weather and climate will be created in this sky park so that the residents and tourists can have a real experience while feeling the environment.

Downtown Circle in pictures

He said that according to the design, people walking through the green belt can see and feel mountain valleys, sandy deserts, different trees, flowers and plants, swamps, waterfalls, digital caves, trees laden with fruits and flowers and different species and types of living things.

He said that the said design was actually made two years ago to participate in a design competition organized by Dubai Future Foundation, now we have been told that our design has been shortlisted.

Downtown Circle concept by Znera Space – in pictures

Downtown Circle in pictures

Downtown Circle in pictures

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