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China faces worst heatwave in 60 years – News Line

China faces worst heatwave in 60 years – News Line

Temperatures have crossed 40 degrees Celsius in various parts of China and the Meteorological Department has issued a severe heat alert for the next 25 days.

According to the Chinese Meteorological Department, during the summer of 2022, China has experienced the most intense heat wave in 6 decades and longer periods of hot weather will become the norm in the future.

China faces worst heat wave in 60 years

Sichuan is a major center for the semiconductor and solar panels industries, and the factory closures are likely to affect the world’s major electronics companies, including Apple suppliers Foxconn and Intel.

According to foreign media reports, the use of air conditioners in homes and offices has increased after the temperature exceeded 40 degrees Celsius in several cities in China, causing power shortages.

With the intense heat, the river water level has decreased, which has also reduced the production of electricity from hydropower plants.

The drought threatens to affect crop production in various parts of China, which could lead to a rise in inflation.

According to a foreign news agency, officials of the Chinese Meteorological Department said that the heat wave may damage rice, cotton, and corn crops.

The Chinese Meteorological Department also says that there is a risk of forest fires due to the heat wave.

The Chinese Meteorological Department issued a red alert regarding extreme heat on August 14, and at this time, the temperature has reached between 40 and 42 degrees Celsius in more than 10 provinces of China. While some tourist places have also been closed due to extreme heat.

Experts say that earlier in 2013, the duration of the heat wave in China lasted 62 days, but in 2022, 62 days of heat wave were completed on August 14 and it is also possible that the maximum temperature in 2013 The record should also be broken in the coming days.

China’s worst heatwave is forcing factories to close

All factories in Sichuan province have been ordered to close for 6 days after record high temperatures to ease power shortages.

According to reports, factories in Sichuan have been ordered to shut down from August 15 to 20 due to the power shortage so that domestic consumers are not affected.

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