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Bat Found Flying Around Unadilla Resident’s Head in Bed Tests Positive for Rabies, Prompts Health Concerns

Bat Found Flying Around Unadilla Resident’s Head in Bed Tests Positive for Rabies, Prompts Health Concerns

In a recent incident reported by international sources, health authorities from the Otsego County Department of Health have revealed that a man experienced a startling encounter in the middle of the night last week. The man awoke to discover a bat circling his head while he was in bed.

Reacting swiftly, the man managed to capture the bat and safely removed it from his immediate vicinity. Subsequently, upon confiding in a friend about the unusual incident, he was advised to contact the local health department to ensure appropriate action was taken.

Officials at the health department promptly tested the captured bat, and the results returned this week have been positively identified as carrying the rabies virus. This revelation has raised concerns regarding the potential exposure of the resident to the virus, as it is not always immediately evident if a bat bite has occurred. Due to the small size of bat teeth, individuals might not detect a bite wound upon inspection.

To mitigate any potential health risks, the Unadilla resident is presently undergoing a course of post-rabies treatment, which involves a series of administered shots to safeguard against the development of rabies.

Emphasizing public safety, Otsego County Health officials strongly advocate for the avoidance of contact with stray or wild animals, a practice that should also be instilled in children. Additionally, there is a legal mandate in place requiring the vaccination of dogs, cats, and ferrets against rabies.

In instances where unvaccinated pets come into contact with wildlife that is either suspected of carrying or has been confirmed to have rabies, owners are faced with the choice of euthanizing the pet or subjecting it to a rigorous six-month quarantine at the owner’s expense. This measure is aimed at preventing the potential spread of the disease.

It has been observed in recent months that a concerning number of animals have tested positive for rabies, prompting heightened vigilance in the community to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

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