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What To Do in Bloated Stomach – Bloating Prevention Tips

What To Do in Bloated Stomach – Bloating Prevention Tips
The problem of flatulence can be due to several reasons. An unbalanced diet and a bad lifestyle cause stomach and digestive problems. In this situation, the patient may face many serious problems.
In fact, due to poor diet and lifestyle, the glands in the stomach secrete less amount of essential acids and enzymes. Due to this problem, your stomach can’t digest food properly. and If the food is not digested properly, You will have problems with gas and bloating in your stomach.
You should take precautions in case of bloating or flatulence, in which case diet or lifestyle disorders will add to your discomfort. Let’s know in detail in this article what should be done in case of flatulence.

Why does the stomach swell? The reason behind stomach swelling

An unbalanced diet and inactive lifestyle can cause you to suffer from flatulence. People who eat a lot of junk food or fried things are generally near to bloating. Following are some of the major causes of flatulence or bloating.

What are the Causes of constipation and indigestion?

  • Because of overeating
  • Because of stomach pain and diarrhea
  • Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine
  • Due to water in the stomach
  • Having a tumor in the stomach

What to do in case of flatulence (gas)?

There are some Improper eating habits that put you at a higher risk of bloating and digestive problems. According to medical experts, People who eat on an empty stomach in the morning and have a heavy meal at lunch are near to bloating. Also, consuming too much fried and junk food in the morning on an empty stomach also puts you at risk for this problem.
Some people take medications for flatulence. They don’t know that they can get rid of this problem by adopting some home remedies instead of taking different medicines.


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In case of flatulence, take care of these things first.

  • Use a heating pad on the stomach, it will give you instant relief.
  • Drink celery juice to relieve gas and improve digestion.
  • Eat adequate amounts of fiber-rich foods.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes when you are pregnant.
  • Take a short walk when your stomach is full.

What should I avoid with flatulence?

Many times people make some mistakes in the problem of flatulence, due to which their problem increases. You should take care of these things in the problem of flatulence.

  • Prevent foods that cause flatulence
  • Do not drink too hot water in case of flatulence.
  • Drinking lukewarm water in a balanced amount will benefit you.
  • Avoid using ghee in case of flatulence.
  • Avoid eating pickles and grape products.
  • Avoid tea and coffee.
  • Do not consume junk foods and soft drinks.


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