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Side Effects of keeping the Toothbrush in the Cap

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Side Effects of keeping the Toothbrush in the Cap

Side Effects of keeping the Toothbrush in the Cap

Do you know the side effects of keeping the toothbrush in the cap?
To keep the teeth healthy, you must brush them 2 times daily.
But did you ever think that putting a cap on a toothbrush could not cause any harm?
In fact, most people put a cap on their toothbrushe, but what do the doctors think about this habit?

Side Effects of Keeping the Toothbrush in the Cap:

According to medical experts, the use of a toothbrush cap is not a good idea.
Medical experts said that after the cleaning of the tooth, moisture is trapped on the fibers of the brush, which is excellent for the development of bacteria and fungus.
We have a variety of bacteria in our own mouths.
Experts say that when we brush on teeth, the bacteria in the mouth move on the brush and will not remove even if you washed it well.
According to medical experts, applying a cap on the toothbrush creates a moist environment and develops germs.
Especially when you use a cap when the toothbrush’s fibers are wet, the chances of it increase.
Experts said that there has not been too much research in this regard, but it is better to allow it to dry with the air after using the brush.
If you use the same brush for a long time and put a cap on it, it increases the risk of breathing smell, mouth infections, and dental weakness.
Experts said that there was no need to use a toothbrush cap inside the house.
The American Dental Association (ADA) has also advised that the toothbrush does not need to be covered daily with a cap.
The ADA’s recommendations state that the toothbrush should be replaced every 3 to 4 months.
If its fibers are deteriorating, it is better to change the toothbrush even before it is deteriorating.
However, experts say it is better to use a toothbrush cap while traveling.

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