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PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

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PUBG Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

PUBG Mobile recently got banned in Pakistan following a series of unfortunate events. Having such an outsized local player base, this, of course, left many trying to find alternatives to the battle royale phenomenon.
For that reason, we’ve put together an inventory of worthwhile alternatives to PUBG Mobile, a number of which could even offer you a far better time.

Call of Duty:

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile needs no introduction at now. the sport has always been one among the bests shooters ever made and was launched for mobile free of charge last year. It not only includes an entire battle royale experience but also brings all the classic game modes like team deathmatch, free for all, domination, etc. It is, by far, one among the foremost refined shooter games on mobile.
PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead



Similar to PUBG, Fortnite is one of the battle royale games that created all the hype around the new genre. However, unlike traditional shooter games, Fornite features a singular gameplay twist and heavily stylized graphics instead. Players can collect resources and build structures to defend themselves or create vantage points to scout and shoot from.
PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

Free Fire:

Free Fire

Heavily inspired by PUBG, Free Fire may be a very similar looking battle royale game with a lot of characters to settle on from and a plethora of weapons. albeit PUBG has better graphics and more options, Free Fire comes with its own set of maps and cosmetics that make it an honest alternative. The games are overall quicker as only 50 players land on the map.
PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

Battlelands Royale:

Battlelands Royale

Unlike the remainder within the list, Battlelands Royale may be a bit different. It features a top-down view and graphics even more cartoony than Fortnite, making it appear as if an arcade game.
Otherwise, it brings a reasonably standard battle royale experience where 32 players drop on an outsized map with shrinking play areas and a lot of items to loot everywhere the map. the sport is smaller than the remainder and matches last not than 3 to five minutes, which could be an honest thing for a few.
PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

Rules of Survival:

Rules of Survival

Last but not the smallest amount, Rules of Survival is another PUBG inspired title that was released shortly after PUBG. it’s going to not be as polished or composed just like the rest within the list, especially just like the top tier games like CoD or Fortnite, but it can run fairly smooth if you’re ready to find the proper settings.
The rules are not any different. 120 players drop onto an island and hunt loot to be the last one standing.
PUGB Banned? You Can Try These Games Instead

This concludes our list of PUBG alternatives. allow us to know within the comments if you agree or have suggestions of your own.

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