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Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson makes big statement

Sarah Ferguson, the mother of Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, has regretted her past mistakes but insisted she has no regrets on the latest episode of her podcast.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife, who underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery last month after being diagnosed with breast cancer, said she was “very sorry” if she had ever been in “terrible pain” and said she often wished she could go back in time.

Fergie, 63, spoke on “Tea Talks,” which she co-hosts with friend Sarah Thompson when an audience member asked how to build resilience.

The Duchess of York responded by saying that she does so by acknowledging her “shortcomings” and “unusual mistakes”.

Sarah said she was “very sorry” if she had ever caused her “terrible pain” and said she often wished she could go back in time.

However, the Duchess claims she has no regrets, instead, she struggles through her struggles and moves on with lessons learned.

Fergie said in response to a question: “Acknowledging your own flaws by taking responsibility for your actions provides a very strong wall and a very strong foundation to realize that you’re not that important… to admit that you’ve made extraordinary mistakes.”

He continued: “But you’ve moved on with an understanding of what those mistakes taught you. So in fact, you almost want to throw in more obstacles to see how it makes you a better person and gives you the flexibility to be able to sit down on a podcast with you.”

“I’m very flexible but that’s because I really understand what it’s like to say ‘Maybe I should have done it differently, I wish I could go back to that person’.

“I think in my case, I’m not sorry. I’m resilient and I’ve learned but I don’t have regrets, so if I’ve hurt millions of people, hundreds, thousands, or whatever, I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry for that.

He concluded: “Ignorance when you make the wrong decision… you worry about the ramifications of your actions… It’s just about being incredibly authentic and putting up a hand that I could have been better, now we go with power.”

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