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How to prevent Monkeypox virus? causes and symptoms

How to prevent Monkeypox virus? causes and symptoms

Monkeypox virus is spreading rapidly in the world. It has also been diagnosed in children and women in the United States. This virus was first discovered in monkeys in Central Africa in 1958. For this reason, it was named MonkeyPox. The first human case was reported in the 1970s in the African country of Congo. The World Health Organization has declared monkeypox a global emergency. So it is essential to try as much as possible to avoid it.


Medical experts have suggested some preventive measures to avoid monkeypox

Contact with monkeypox patients should be avoided, in this regard contact should also be avoided with people affected by rash diseases. Do not use their bedding, clothing, or other items.

Avoid any activity that requires physical contact, including massage.

Stay away from crowded places as much as possible and use masks.

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water, if soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer.

Avoid touching wild, dead, or alive animals, including rats and monkeys. Avoid making or consuming animal meat. Also take care of masks, gloves, special glasses, caps, and face protection.

If symptoms of monkeypox appear during travel, self-isolate at the earliest opportunity and seek health care, following precautions until treatment is available.

If symptoms of monkeypox develop upon return from travel, self-isolate immediately and seek appropriate advice from health representatives.

How to prevent Monkeypox virus? causes and symptoms

What are the symptoms of monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a virus that can cause fever. In addition, blisters appear on the patient’s body, the body becomes swollen, and there is a pain in the muscles and head. In addition, severe fatigue and chills are also among its symptoms. The virus is transmitted to mice and other wild animals and is often transmitted from these animals to humans.

What causes monkeypox?

Monkeypox is spread when you come into contact with an animal or person infected with the virus. Animal-to-human transmission occurs through broken skin, such as from bites or scratches, or through direct contact with the blood, body fluids, or smallpox lesions of an infected animal.

Monkeypox can spread from person to person but is less common. Person-to-person spread occurs when you come into contact with an infected person’s sores, rashes, respiratory droplets, or oral secretions, usually through close, intimate situations such as hugging, kissing, or Sexual relations.

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