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How to Boost Company Morale with Virtual Escape Rooms?

How to Boost Company Morale with Virtual Escape Rooms?


Workers at the workplace can only work effectively to provide the best results when they exhibit a strong relationship with one another. Given that companies can succeed only when employees work together, team-building activities become extremely crucial for prospective companies to rely on.  


While most companies were exposed to remote working environments during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were still many others who were already experimenting with remote work. Irrespective of which category your company falls into, playing the escape game New York can undoubtedly be a great way to bring together your workers and boost company morale.  

Further, given the immense convenience of working remotely, it is highly unlikely for the percentage of remote working spaces to change anytime soon. While it allows companies to select the right people, on the other hand, it benefits employees by allowing them to work under flexible hours. However, though remote working offers a range of advantages, it does also come with its own share of disadvantages that one needs to be wary of.  


One of the most pivotal disadvantages of remote working is a consistent drop in company morale. While there are many ways for companies to combat it, playing virtual escape rooms seems to be one of the most productive ways to do it. Here’s why the escape rooms can help you: 

  • Forge stronger bonds than ever before

Working together as a team to achieve the ultimate goal can be an exhilarating experience and offer players a sense of satisfaction. When players participate in a virtual escape game, they can have stronger bonds than earlier with each other. 


It will consequently help players to evolve a healthy and enjoyable company culture, that pushes them to give their best in the workspace. Irrespective of whether your team wins or loses the game, you can still have fun and enjoy yourselves while playing it. In various ways, it is very similar to the workplace environments where not every project is as successful.  


Under dire circumstances, when the results are far less than perfect, it becomes crucial for employees to still harbor strong bonds with one another. In this way, they can pick each other up and move on, without blaming one another and lowering their team morale.  

  • Encourage collaboration amongst your team members  

There is nothing like the escape room games when it comes to boosting team spirit and encouraging collaboration amongst team members. Often many teams may find it hard to collaborate and work well with each other. Thus, playing a virtual escape game can help break the ice and bring geographically separated employees together on a virtual plane! 


Escape games are team games where players can only succeed when they work together with each other to find clues and solve the riddles. No player can tackle all the problems by themselves in the escape game! Thus, players need to rely on each other’s abilities and work around their individual strengths and weaknesses to succeed.  


While someone in your team can be a great leader, someone else can be good at problem-solving. In this way, escape rooms allow players to work in sync with their individual skills to collaborate well with each other and effectively boost their morale.  

  • Nurture creative minds in your teams

Creativity is an integral component particularly when it comes to making your business succeed in the highly competitive market of today. Furthermore, exhibiting creativity can go a long way in helping your workers feel more fulfilled and good about themselves.  


It is common to come across employees who have a good attitude but do not nurture their creativity enough. Given that creativity nurtures innovation, it is high time for you to change and uplift your workers! Particularly today, when numerous employees are working from home, it has become crucial for you to push them to think out of the box. In this way, you can effectively reinvent the way business is done.  


More than anything else, playing the escape rooms requires players to be exceptionally creative and innovative. So, you can round up your remote workers for a virtual escape room session and allow them to unleash their creativity. The escape rooms can help employees to take the liberty of creative thinking even while they are at work. In this way, companies can efficiently boost team morale by keeping things interesting and fun in the workspace! 


Now these are just a few of the many ways that virtual escape rooms can serve as potent tools to boost company morale. So, why don’t you try making your remote workers participate in an escape game and reap the benefits of the same for themselves? 



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