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Who is Aamir? Details about Aamir came out

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Who is Aamir? Details about Aamir came out

Story of aamir tehkal
Aamir tehkal

A few days ago, a video went viral on social media in which a few boys were seen sitting and one of them introduced himself in Pashto saying, “I am Amir of Tehkal.”
Tehkal is an area on University Road in Peshawar where most of the population belongs to the Arbab family.
In the video, the boy uses abusive language against police officers and asks what the police can do about it. After the video went viral, local police arrested him in operation under the supervision of the SHO.
Then came a photo and a short video of him showing signs of torture on Aamir’s face, and in the video, he apologizes and says he made a mistake.
After the video and photo surfaced, there was a discussion on social media in which some people strongly criticized Aamir’s behavior but most people were of the view that there should have been legal action against what Aamir did and the police He has no right to take anyone to the police station and torture them and punish them himself.
The matter had cooled down after criticism of the police on social media and after some discussion, another video came out in which Aamir could be seen half-naked and the officers could be heard shouting at him.
After the video went viral, police officials mobilized and first the Inspector General of Police and then the SSP made statements to take action, and then action was ordered against the concerned police personnel.
Aamir was reportedly working as a waiter in a wedding hall in Peshawar but was unemployed for three months after the wedding halls were closed due to the coronavirus.

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