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HomesportsTyreek Hill reveals why he really left the Chiefs

Tyreek Hill reveals why he really left the Chiefs

Tyreek Hill reveals why he really left the Chiefs

Tyreek Hill reveals why he really left the Chiefs

Tyreek Hill has surprisingly decided to leave the Kansas City Chiefs this off-season and has now revealed that he feels the Chiefs are not using him enough. Hill has been one of the best and most productive quarterbacks for many years, but he thinks the chiefs could have used it even more.

“If teams are going to give us one-on-one matches against their best corner, I don’t understand why teams don’t use their best receivers,” Hill said via CBS Sports on his podcast. “And that’s where the chiefs, like me, probably separated.

When I’m like this, uh, I don’t mean to be a talker or a diva, but can I see the bullet sometimes, please? Please give me the ball. “

Hill also didn’t hide the fact that he wanted to sign a major deal this off-season.

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The chiefs were unwilling to meet the demands of Hill’s contract, but the Dolphins agreed because they offered Hill a four-year, 120 million deal. “I did my best. I talked to the big man, [head coach] Andy Reid. I talked to the quarterback.

I’m like, ‘Look, can we do something? Is there anything we can do? Does guaranteed money mean anything to me? Does that make sense to my family, please? ”Hill has made it clear that he thinks it’s a nightmare for the opposing defense and he wants his coach to respect him.

“I don’t care about the stigma, but I don’t care about any of it. The only thing I care about is the honor inside the building. The stigma outside the building, I don’t care about it, man. Because. None of this will win us games on Sunday.

I want the head coach to know that on Sunday, they are afraid of defender Tyreek Hill. That’s what I want the head coach to know. And the head coach knows it, though. He knows that without a cheetah on the field, he knows, ‘Hey, Pat [Mahoms], your day will be long today.’ “

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