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Tips for sleeping well during hot weather as UK faces heatwave this weekend

Tips for sleeping well during hot weather as UK faces heatwave this weekend

Tips for sleeping well during hot weather as UK faces heatwave this weekend

If you are one of the many people who did not sleep well last night, you may feel a little sad this morning, as we saw the hottest day of the year in the UK yesterday. The bad news is that today’s mercury is expected to get even hotter with temperatures hovering around 33 degrees Celsius, so you have time to make some adjustments to make sure you get it tonight.

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With the Met Office issuing a Level 3 heat alert earlier this week, it’s best to try your best to avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day (11 a.m. to 3 p.m.) and follow these tips. To help you get the best sleep possible. Under the circumstances.

Tips for sleeping well during hot weather

Close the curtain during the day.

A bit inconsistent as our mountains usually suggest that we should open everything, but if your bedroom gets too much sun, it is better to keep your blinds closed during the day as it will reduce the heat. It will help to keep it low. When the temperature starts to drop a little, open them and your windows.

Wear cotton pajamas.

Some people may feel the urge to go “commando” to cool down, but no matter how tempting it may be, the advice is that being naked will not help the heat.

Wear lightweight cotton nightwear instead. This is actually better than not wearing anything, as natural fabrics will absorb any kind of a sweat.

Turn your pillow over.

An old but good one. If you wake up at night because of the heat, turn over your pillow as it will get cold on the other side. Another obvious tip is to use an electric fan – but it’s clear for a reason that it works.

Avoid alcohol.

This can be difficult for some people because when the temperature rises, the most obvious place is to have a few eclipses in your local pub, beer garden, or park and chat with friends. However, if you want to get a good night’s sleep, this should be avoided as alcohol will cause dehydration and it will be difficult to get a proper snooze.

Take a warm bath before going to bed.

It is best to avoid ice-cold showers, as your body will later compensate for this by raising your temperature. Take a shower that is set to your normal temperature, so it’s not too shaky, and then lower it slowly until it cools down or cools – but don’t go that far. Unless it is cold.

Eat a light dinner and do not eat near bedtime.

Eating heavy meals or spicy foods before going to bed can make you feel warmer. Eat light meals at least two to three hours before bed and skip the spices and hot sauce.

Iced water

Keep a glass of ice water near your bed so you can take a sip if you feel hot or dehydrated when you wake up at night – and stay cool when you’re trying to sleep.

Unplug the devices.

Unplug all devices that do not need to be turned on. Large electronics such as TVs and game consoles emit large amounts of heat. Make sure the phone or tablet is turned off or at least silent.

Do not exercise before going to bed.

Stop exercising a few hours before bed. When you exercise, you raise your body temperature and retain heat. Exercising several hours before bed will give your body time to cool down.

Sleep with only one-sheet

If it is above 30C as predicted to happen today, then the duvet in your bed will only bother you and prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Keep it Mediterranean style until the temperature starts to drop a bit and you will definitely see the benefit.

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