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Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani Students 2022

Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani Students 2022

Scholarships in Saudi Arabia for Pakistani Students 2022

An announcement has been made on the website of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan according to which Saudi Arabia has announced a scholarship program for Pakistani students in Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. students.

These disciplines include Political Science, Law, Education, Administration, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, Media, Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Media Sciences.

The state is providing scholarship opportunities in 25 universities, 5% of students will be enrolled in each university while the enrollment ratio has been kept different in the two universities.

8% of Pakistani and Kashmiri students will be registered in Princess Noor Bint Abdul Rehman University for Women (Riyadh) while 85% of seats will be registered in Jamia Islamia in Madinah.

The procedure released on the HEC website states that the university will send an application to the Saudi Ministry of Education to provide scholarships to eligible students.

He said that the quota for scholarships is 75% for students residing in Pakistan and 25% for Pakistani students residing in UAE.

The condition for the students applying for the scholarship is that the students have not been expelled from any institution nor do they have any criminal record, otherwise the application will be rejected.

Scholarship benefits

Explaining the benefits of the scholarship, it was stated that the students receiving the scholarship will be given a three-month stipend and return ticket, they will be provided other facilities including free medical.

Students who apply in the field of science will be given a monthly stipend of 900 Saudi riyals, while students who apply in other fields will be given a monthly stipend of 850 Saudi riyals.

The following universities are among the 25 universities where scholarships have been announced.

  1. Jeddah University
  2. Bashah University
  3. Umm Al-Qura University
  4. Islamic University
  5. Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
  6. Kund Saud University
  7. King Abdulaziz University
  8. Hafar Al Batin University
  9. King Faisal University
  10. King Khalid University
  11. Qasim University
  12. Taiba University
  13. University of Taif
  14. University of Hail
  15. Jazan University
  16. Al-Jawf University
  17. University of Baha’i
  18. According to the University
  19. Najran University
  20. Northern Border University
  21. Prince Stam bin Abdulaziz University
  22. Shaqra University
  23. Majma University

Scholarship terms

Students from Pakistan and Kashmir can apply for the scholarship program.

Students applying for a pager degree in the program must be between 17 and 25 years old, 30 for a master’s degree, and 35 for a Ph.D.

For more information and to apply click here

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