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Sasha Banks Works On Her Eyes – WWE

Sasha Banks Works On Her Eyes – WWE

Sasha Banks Works On Her Eyes

One of the hottest topics talked about in the WWE these days is definitely the situation of Sasha Banks and Naomi, who talked about the company during the last taping of Monday Night Raw. Left the backstage, left the federation.

Without the main event and even leaving his belt on the Talent Relations Director’s desk: John Lorinites. After a lengthy confrontation with the administration, the two girls may have come up with the idea of ​​leaving the backstage, carrying their bags, and leaving the field where the WWE Red Show had started and where it was advertised.

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The story of this episode is in which Sasha and Naomi will have to compete with 4 other contestants in order to announce the new n ° 1 contender for the female title of Red Show. Apparently, at the time, the WWE would have made every effort to deviate from the two players, including removing their references from their Facebook pages or sites, along with the two who were not even part of the federation’s stories. And were, in fact, suspended. Indefinite operation time.

Sasha Banks has eye surgery during WWE suspension

While the athlete is completely absent from the WWE programs, with the situation and the situation of his partner Naomi who has fallen into the hands of his own lawyers and his counterpart, the WWE Ga, Sasha Banks has caught the ball to fix it. She has had a problem with her eyesight for many years. In the last few hours, she has had poor eyesight. In fact, Mercedes Vernado, the real name of Sasha Banks. From eye

As you can see for yourself and as you can hear from a video recorded with the player, Sasha should now give up glasses and contact lenses, a small but very important thing done a few hours ago in a special studio After the intervention.

Before and after the surgery, Sasha took some pictures with the entire staff of her doctor, with the girl who showed herself in shape and with a wonderful smile even after the operation, which seems to be a sign. Everything is fine.

Sasha Banks has eye surgery

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