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Saba Qamar’s movie ‘Kamli’ released – News Line

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Saba Qamar’s movie ‘Kamli’ released

Saba Qamar's movie 'Kamli' released

Sarmad Sultan Khost’s film ‘Kamali’ has been released across Pakistan.

“Kamali” was released in cinemas across Pakistan on June 3 and almost all its tickets sold out as soon as it was released.

Saba Qamar has played the lead role in the film, along with Sania Saeed and Umair Rana.

Other cast members of the film include Adeel Afzal and Nimrah Bacha and it was shot in different parts of Punjab.

The story of the film is based on female main characters, however, male characters are also shown in important roles.

Talking about the story of ‘Kamali’, Saba Qamar said that the story of the film is quite impressive and it can be called a serious romantic story. She called this film a bigger film than her Bollywood film ‘Hindi Medium’. ۔

The dialogues of ‘Kamli’ are written by Fatima Sattar while the instructions are given by Sarmad Sultan Khost.

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