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Police called to Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s Home after Husband Claims He slapped her

Police called to Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s Home after Husband Claims He slapped her

Police called to Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s Home after Husband Claims He slapped her

Police were called to the home of Cook County State Attorney Kim Fox last week for a domestic incident that claimed her husband had physically slapped her, according to a police report.

Fox denied to officers that she was her husband, and told police he tried to get her out of the house and only grabbed her hand.

According to a Flossmoor police report obtained by CBS 2, Kelly Fox, the husband of the state attorney, called the police to his home in the southern suburbs shortly after 10 p.m. Last week to report a domestic incident. Before arriving, a sender told authorities that the incident was physical, but that no casualties had been reported “so far,” the report said.

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Kelly and Kim Fox were standing on the front steps of the house when officers arrived, the report said. The report said Kelly Fox told officers that his wife was upset with something he had posted on Facebook and grabbed her collar. Kelly Fox also told police that his wife snatched his video game controller and threw it down.


One officer said Kim Fox was making noise while her husband was telling his story, and she said, “It’s all true,” the police report said.

Kelly Fox also claimed that he had been slapped by his wife. An officer asked him where he was, and he said, “Left cheek,” the police report said. An officer reported using a flashlight to inspect Kelly Fox, and found no redness, swelling, or other indications that she had been killed, the report said.

The report states that the officer told Kelly Fox that he had “obvious signs” and that Kelly Fox responded by saying that he “wanted to be alone.” The officer also asked Kelly Fox if he felt safe at home, and said he wanted to “make sure no one knows what’s going on here,” the report said.

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The report states that the officer asked Kelly Fox to clarify further, and said that Kim Fox was physically aggressive and wanted to be stopped.

Meanwhile, Flasmore Police Sergeant spoke to Kim Fox, who said she and her husband had a fight and wanted to leave, the report said. The sergeant then turned to Kelly Fox and another officer, and Kelly Fox reiterated that she just “wanted to stop him,” and, “she can’t come into my personal space and touch me,” the report said. ۔ Is

An officer also spoke to the couple’s 19-year-old daughter, who said she heard the disagreement but saw nothing and could not explain what was happening, the report said.

The report said Kelly Fox told an officer she needed to pick up her second daughter from her workplace, and he left. Later, Kim Fox said she held her husband, but said it was “just to help get him out of the house” and added that he never slapped her.

The officer reportedly asked Kim Fox if she felt safe at home, to which she replied, “I mean, he’s not crazy.”

The report said Kim and Kelly Fox told authorities they had been together for more than 20 years and had never been physically present, and Kim Fox said she believed her husband had just told police. Called to hurt them.

No arrests have been made, and neither Kim nor Kelly Fox decided to leave the house overnight, the report said.

The report said that this was the first time that Flasmor police had responded to a domestic call involving Kim and Califox.

The officer also wrote that while working on the incident report, an investigator from Fox’s Executive Security Unit showed up at the Flasmore Police Department and advised police if they needed anything, the report said. Do it Can contact

The State Attorney’s Office issued the following statement:

“This is a personal family matter. Please give State Attorney Fox and his family respect and privacy.

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