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Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism

Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism

Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism

Police in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, have called the shooting a terrorist act based on religious extremism.

Authorities have raised the alert level in Oslo following the shooting, with Oslo police confirming the suspect’s mental history of being mentally ill while in custody. He did not reveal the identity of the 42-year-old Norwegian citizen of Iranian descent.

It should be noted that last night in Oslo, there was a shooting incident inside and outside the pub called ‘London Pub’, this pub is very popular among gays. Two people were killed and 21 were injured in the shooting, after which police arrested a suspect.

The Norwegian Prime Minister has called the shooting incidence a dangerous and shocking attack on innocent people.

Oslo police have raised the alert level in the wake of possible attacks in the city following the Oslo incident, while two weapons, including an automatic gun, were recovered from the scene during the investigation. has been done.

According to the police statement, an investigation is underway into the incident. Preliminary evidence indicates that the incident was an act of terrorism. According to police, the incident took place before a parade outside a gay pub, which led to no doubt that the operation was carried out against gays, but it is not yet certain whether the attack was aimed at gays. The key was to target the parade or some other motive behind it.

Police have arrested a Norwegian man of Iranian descent. According to Norwegian intelligence, the detainee has been on his watch list as a “suspected religious extremist” since 2015, while police have confirmed the suspect’s mental history as being mentally ill.

London Pub is a popular gay bar and nightclub in central Oslo.

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