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Monkeypox is spreading in Latin America – News Line

Monkeypox is spreading in Latin America

Monkeypox is spreading in Latin America

Health officials in Colombia on Friday confirmed the first three cases of monkeypox in adults traveling from Europe.

Two cases were reported in the national capital, Bogota, and a third was reported in Medellin.

Monkeypox has been reported in six Latin American countries, and the World Health Organization (WHO) says there are more than 3,200 cases of the disease in 48 countries.

Argentina was the first Latin American country to confirm this disease, followed by Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and Chile.

The Argentine Ministry of Health reported on May 27 that two people – one from Argentina and one from Spain – had tested positive for suspicious symptoms.

A day later, Mexico reported its first “import” case when a 50-year-old New York City resident was “probably affected in the Netherlands.”

On June 9, Brazil confirmed its first case against a 41-year-old man who had traveled to Spain and Portugal and was admitted to a hospital in Sao Paulo.

Venezuela reported its first case on June 13 in a patient who also came from Spain.

Chile confirmed the monkey packs on June 17. Health officials said the address was found in a young adult who had traveled to Europe and showed symptoms of the disease.

The World Health Organization is considering whether to declare Monkey Pox a global emergency, which would give it the same status as the coronavirus epidemic and would require a global response.

MonkeyPox has so far mainly affected men who have sex with men, but experts warn that being in close contact with an infected person or their clothing could increase the risk of infection. ۔ It can start with a fever, enlarged lymph nodes, back pain, and muscle aches before the skin itches.

WHO Director-General Tedros Azanom Gabrias said the monkeypox was likely to spread far beyond official figures and called for vigilance.

“The transition from one person to another is ongoing and potentially underestimated,” he said.

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