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Germany Removes Nazi-era Abortion Law – News Line

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Germany Removes Nazi-era Abortion Law

Germany Removes Nazi-era Abortion Law

According to the details, Germany repealed the Nazi-era law that forbade doctors from providing information about abortion.

The Bundestag’s lower house of parliament voted to repeal the law, meaning doctors are now allowed to provide additional information on abortion without fear of legal action.

Under the law, doctors in Germany were allowed to say they had offered to terminate the pregnancy, but were not allowed to give further details about the procedure involved.

In fact, abortion is completely illegal in Germany. However, this is allowed under certain circumstances, and the abortion must be performed within 12 weeks of pregnancy.

For nearly a century, doctors have been fined and punished for providing factual information about the methods and potential dangers of considering terminating a pregnancy, according to Justice Minister Marco Bishman.

Today, this era of mistrust in women and distrust in doctors is coming to an end.”

Any criminal court-imposed sentence since October 1990 will also be revoked, and any ongoing proceedings will be stayed.

The new government outlined its plans to repeal the law in a coalition agreement reached in November.

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