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Easiest Way to Make Your Phone run Faster – News Line

Easiest Way to Make Your Phone run Faster – News Line

Easiest Way to Make Your Phone run Faster

According to research reports, more than 50% of smartphone users never switch off their devices.

If you also feel anxious about turning off the phone, know that switching off the device is the best way to have both life and performance of the phone.

Experts do not recommend keeping the phone constantly on, but at least once a week to switch it off.

How to Speed up your Android Phone?

Once the phone is off, wait a few minutes and then switch it on again.

Doing so clears the phone cache as well as shuts down every app that slows down the device.

What is the benefit of turning off the phone once a week?

Turning off the phone at least once a week for a few minutes prevents an error called memory leaks.

This is a common error that most smartphone users face.

What is Memory Leak error?

When an app requires a certain level of RAM memory to work but does not release the app memory when the need arises, it is called a memory leak error. As a result, the phone starts to feel slower than usual.

If your phone’s performance suddenly slows down too much, most likely a memory leak is behind the problem.

Other symptoms of memory leak are phone memory usage and frequent restart of the phone even when no app is open.

Another benefit of turning off the phone once a week is to extend the battery life.

Typically a smartphone battery can be charged 300 to 500 times, that is, the number of times a battery is charged to 100% and then reaches 0% (these are average statistics. The charge cycle of some phones is more or May be less).

After this charging cycle the overall performance of your device is not the same as before and the charging capacity is also reduced.

Turning off the phone helps to extend the battery life, which in turn extends the life of the phone.

Also useful for health

Most people can’t imagine life without smartphones, meaning they get up in the morning and check the device first and look at the screen hundreds of times a day.

Spending so much time on the phone is not good for mental or physical health.

According to research reports, excessive use of smartphones can have negative effects on various aspects of personality such as self-esteem, creativity, concentration and memory.

Similarly, the levels of stress hormones in the body increase which leads to various medical problems and a link between excessive use of devices and sleep deprivation has also been discovered.

So turning off the phone for some time during the week can be beneficial for both your overall health and the life of the phone.

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